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Chittagong Fashion Wear Ltd.: Machinery List

Machine Quantity Brand
Single Needle basic 121 Juki
5 Thread Overlock 14 Juki
3 Thread Overlock 1 Juki
Button Hole 8 Juki
Button Attach 8 Juki
Button attach Computerized 4 Juki
Kansai Special 4 Juki
Feed of the Arm 8 Juki
Two Needle 8 Juki
Bar Tack 2 Juki
One Needle Chain Stitch 1 Juki
Collar Turning 2 Nagaishing
Fusing 1 Hashima
Cutting Machine 8” 2 KM
Cutting Machine 10” 2 KM
Band Knife 1 KM
Boiler Steam 4 Juki
Vacuum Table 9 Nagaihing
Steam Iron 12   
Neck Press machine Juki
Collar Bottom Cutting & Turning Juki
Collar Forming  
Cuff Forming Fulontech
Sleeve Placket Hot Roll Fulontech
Panning Machine Nagaishing
Spot Removing Machine 1 Fulontech
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